Experienced Criminal And Employment Defense For Public Employees

All too often, public employees are falsely accused of criminal acts while off duty. These accusations can include anything from child abuse to fraud, and can lead to termination of employment in addition to criminal charges. These circumstances call for a skilled employment and criminal defense lawyer who understands issues pertaining to public employees.

Trust your case to Ben M. Sifuentes, Jr., P.C. My law firm, based in San Antonio, is dedicated to defending public employees throughout South Texas who have been falsely accused of criminal activity. I can also handle any employment issues that arise from these or other situations. My past clients have included members of law enforcement (police officers, sheriffs, deputies, school officers, border patrols), nurses (at county hospitals and university health systems) and teachers in public school districts.

My concern for clients extends far beyond what is expected. As your attorney, I care about your situation and am prepared to fight for the justice you deserve.

Methodical Preparation, Vigorous Representation

Whether you need state or federal defense for employee or criminal issues, the legal representation you choose can impact the outcome of your case. Your best bet is to find an attorney who is knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated.

I take a methodical approach to preparing a case. I take the time to properly investigate the facts, taking my time for thorough research and repeated witness interviews. Additionally, I will familiarize myself with who you are and how that relates to the accusations or situation you are facing. If the situation involves law enforcement, I am also familiar with Chapter 143 of the Texas local government code, collective bargaining and civil service codes.

These situations are usually resolved through trial or arbitration. I have a track record of success with these types of cases, including several not guilty verdicts, acquittals and job reinstatements.

Contact Me To Discuss Your Case

For a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer who cares, call my office at 210-281-0434. If you prefer, you may instead send an online message using the form on this website.

Fees may be eligible for reimbursement from law enforcement organizations under some prepaid legal plans.